21Online provides exclusive websites whose goals are to promote CENTURY 21 brand by all means.

We have the ambition to achive the whole world by spreding the brand through a Country website, an Agency website and also by the personal Agent website, called MySite.

We provide you responsive websites with an implemented SEO strategy. What is SEO and why is important to use? It means Search Engine Optimization. This is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to your websites. How? By obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines).

Also, we develop landing pages to advertise different subjects such as recruitment, collecting houses and enterprises promotion.


Country Website promote CENTURY 21 brand globally.

Were you´ll find the official main page of CENTURY 21 website. In this website customers will have access to all of CENTURY 21 agencies, properties and active agents. Also, the agents can be contacted directly through the website by interested customers.


Agency website promote CENTURY 21 brand individually.

The Agency website goal is to promote each agency by itself, including their properties and agents. Here the customers will find details about where they can find the agency, who is a part of the team and what do they have to offer. This website gives the opportunity to promote Brokers business and be recognize by it.


MySite is the key tool for your Agents.

Every Agent aims to have is personal channel to promote his work and be recognized for his effort and accomplishment. MySite is the perfect answer to Agent´s ambition. Here, they can share information about his neighborhood, highlight local market and new restaurants. This way they are approaching themselves to their community and being more recognized on their area of work.

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MIX AND BLEND, is a software house and since 2014 specialized itself in product development in real estate business.

Our brand is part of CENTURY 21 Portugal and Spain, reason why we have so much knowledge about this business model.

Our goals are to achieve all the challenges that CENTURY 21 launches every day, to provide an excellent service to our customers and continuing to evolve 21Online universe.