Web Application

guides you through CENTURY 21 business model and is specific for internal use.

There is a set of tools designed to help and improve daily work, manage prospections and provide a major control of the network. This application has different purposes depending from who is using, because it can be used by the Master itself, Master Staff, Brokers, Coordinators and Agents.



This module includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Here, the agents can add and edit their contact list, specifying the type of contacts (person or company). It allows to keep a track of actions and activities associated to each contact ando also presenting them by a timeline view. This tool allows a more effective and constant management of clients and communication.



Module designed to guide the agent through territorial prospection. Here, the agent register all the information collected during the territorial lifting. The system allows the territory delimitation, identification of the available properties, register the competition actions, attach tasks and comments.



The CENTURY 21 business distinguishes itself in selling and buying/rent properties. Hence, the system allows you to work in the same way. Exist the selling process and the buying process, properly identified and outlined.

With this module you can track all the properties and transactions all the way since the prospection to the closed deal. This is possible because when a property is added, the system generates a reference which stays attached to the property in the whole process. So, its impossible to hide or remove any property without the system knows.

The business module gives access to a set of tools that empower and streamline your work, such as the Multiple Listing System (MLS) and the automatic crossover system.

The MLS is where they can search specific real estates in all of the CENTURY 21 real estates pool. The system was designed to establish filters to help the search being more accurate.

In automatic crossover system the agent has access to all potential business that the system has recognized and matched-up. The objective with this tool is to decrease real estate search time and speed up the buying process.



This tool aims to improve the financial communication between the Master and their franchisees, deleting possible mistakes and providing real time data of the movements which are communicated. Those monthly reports present all the agency movements, including incidences, suppressed properties and business made outside the network.



The Master provides promotion material such as images, flyers and email templates, either to the agent or the agency. Here, you´ll have access to email marketing and SMS campaigns to internal communication. The agent and the agencies use those tools to external communication, either to the social network, flyers distribution or campaingns by email.

We also export all the properties to national and international portals, inside and outside the network.



Here are available statistics reports, lists and maps with different contents. Also, this module gives access to EasyQuery tool, which allows to extract specific combination of data about a question asked by the user. This module makes easier the necessary data extraction to the report to the USA Master.



The system automatically calculates the transactions and invoicing of each agent and agency. This module provides a backoffice where the Master can manage the entrances in the ranking, adding or deleting records.


Global vision about what's happening in the network in real time. Gives access to access to the latest transactions, colleagues anniversaries and graphics which allows the analyse of agent´s actions.


Here you´ll find a tool to communicate by email with all of your contacts. Also, is the internal channel to receive important notifications of 21Online.


The agents have access to a personal calendar. Allows them to manage their schedule, organize their priorities and centralize their activities.


The agents have access to a module where they can manage their tasks, create new ones, edit and mark as completed. This provides more organization and focus to their daily work.


Cloud reserved area to storage documents securely. Here you´ll find all the documents uploaded in the system, such as the final client contract, identification documents, and more.

Admin Tools

Module which holds a set of exploration tools to be used by specific users. Here you´ll find Impersonate tool, which allows the Master to change is point of view and impersonate himself into an agency.


This module is a backoffice where the Master can add and edit the agent and agency public information about the won awards.


This module is a backoffice where the Master can add and edit the agent public information about the completed courses. This way the agent can share with the public his commitment and knowledge.


Module which allows team creation and access management.

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MIX AND BLEND, is a software house and since 2014 specialized itself in product development in real estate business.

Our brand is part of CENTURY 21 Portugal and Spain, reason why we have so much knowledge about this business model.

Our goals are to achieve all the challenges that CENTURY 21 launches every day, to provide an excellent service to our customers and continuing to evolve 21Online universe.